1. Digital x-ray equipment;  Allows us to email your pet's radiographs to any specialist, anywhere in the world.
  2. Video Otoscopy;  For examination your pet's ears.
  3. HDO (High Definition Oscillometry);  Blood pressure measuring equipment.
  4. Wireless EKG;  We are able to take an initial EKG reading by placing a probe against your pet's chest.
  5. Retinal Imaging;  Equipment which allows us to view your pet's retina and an image to be taken for more complete review and emailing to a veterinary ophthalmologist.
  6. Laparoscopic and Arthroscopic Surgery;  Allows a more thorough examination of your pet's abdomen and joints.
  7. PST (Pulsed Signal Therapy);  A high-powered magnet utilized in the treatment of arthritis, such as hip dysplasia.
  8. Class IV Therapeutic Laser;  Used to treat many issues, such as skin conditions, joint and ligament injuries, and traumatic injuries.
  9. Bilingual Communication;  Not all pet owners speak English.  Language differences should not prevent compassionate care for their pets.  Alpine Vet Clinic has a large screen in the exam room, with a translation program for many different languages.
  10. Video Microscopy;  A video microscope allows us to take a picture of the specimen and send it digitally to a specialist for immediate interpretation.

Not only do we hold ourselves to a very high medical standard, we focus on compassionate care and client education.



Areas of Expertise:

  • Working with clients of senior pets with arthritis and mobility problems.  Let us develop a treatment plan for your pet to help keep comfortable in their older years.
  • Helping your pet to achieve their perfect weight.  Did you know that if your pet is kept lean, they will live for TWO extra years?  Thin pets have enjoy a better quality of life!
  • Many Colorado dogs are afflicted with chronic ear disease.  We have advanced technology to help take care of the current issue and get to the root of the underlying problem.  See more about "video otoscopy" under "What makes us unique".
  • Is your pet drinking too much water? Losing weight?  Our diagnostic team is ready to get to the bottom of the problem.  Starting with a complete history and physical exam, we will develop a plan for your pet's problem.  We are always willing to give you a written treatment plan before performing any diagnostics, so you are aware of the costs involved beforehand.
  • Non-drug arthritis and pain therapy.  PST and Laser therapy are two of the most cutting edge modalities out there and may be just the ticket for your pet.
  • The Fraser Valley is separated from the rest of the world by the Rocky Mountains.  If your pet needs specialty care, it often means a trip to Denver or Fort Collins.  Alpine Vet Clinic has the digital equipment to perform many services for you and your pet, making these trips unnecessary or more fruitful if required.
  • Proper education on home dental care options can prevent dental disease in your pet.  Yes, brushing is best but, if you can't brush, we can help you with other alternatives.  If your pet has dental disease, set up a free dental consultation so we can grade the dental disease and talk to you about performing a dental cleaning on your pet.  Many of our clients say their pet acts like a puppy/kitten again after a cleaning!  Dental health plays a role in your pets entire well being.
  • We are dedicated to educating our clients to be the best health care advocate for their pets. You are our first line of defense in detecting and preventing problems. 

Come in and see what our clients are talking about.  Your pets are part of your family and that's exactly how they will be treated here at Alpine Vet Clinic!

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